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Here is some advice for anyone looking for Secondary schools (aged 11+) for their children from Даня Голосюк (

"If you have recently arrived or are planning to move to England, and you have children aged 11 to 16, our online consultations will help reduce your worries and your child's stress during the adaptation process in a new school. We will assist you in saving time and provide information on all the essential aspects, such as the age and class differences between Ukraine and England, key distinctions in the educational process, exams, and more.

Additionally, you will have a unique opportunity to interact with a student from Ukraine who has already completed secondary school and successfully passed all exams. You can ask any questions about schools and life in this beautiful country in general, and receive answers backed by real experiences.

Our speaker is Danya. He was 15 when he moved to England because of the war. In almost a year, he went through a lot of difficulties related to education in this country - all these new subjects, classes, exams, and culture are very different in England. Because of this, he decided to help all the children and their parents who had moved to England due to the full-scale Russian invasion to understand the English education system, so that the children would be more confident, and the parents would worry less.

Please, find more detailed information about our online consultations and the information you will receive during them, as well as the student's biography, on our website, where you can immediately submit an application.